agile project management

Customer’s expectations, product requirements and working methods are changing rapidly.


Increasingly, classic project management or classic product development methods no longer provide the flexibility and efficiency required in volatile markets. Agile methods offer a solution.


Agile project management can be implemented in the current process, and thus allow a step by step transformation from classic to agile. This does not only lead to a controllable and risk-minimized process in small steps, but also to less resistance of the affected parties during the conversion process.


We support companies and individuals in the handling and implementation of agile project management. With my home-base in Munich, and assignments in Germany and around the world, I offer seminars, trainings and workshops on agile project management.

Our way of working

Our approach is practice-oriented, individual and empathic. Together, we develop a strategy that precisely meets your needs.

Our services

We support organizations on their individual journey, providing change management and helping to prepare themselves for the imminent complexities in an accelerated socio-economic context. Agile Project Management is my method; experience and empathy are my language.


We offer seminars in agile project management, we accompany companies and start-ups in the implementation of agile processes. To do this, we communicate agile methods like SCRUM, KANBAN, HybridPM, as well as time, crisis and change management.


If necessary, we will come to your company and work with your team on site and on the project. As Professional SCRUM Masters we will work with ongoing projects from within the team and aim to anchor the process of change in your corporate culture and in your external activities.


We offer seminars for individual participants as well as for groups to gain an insight into agile methods. This tells you whether an agile method can be helpful to you and how you can successfully implement agile methods in your organization.

Exam preparation for Professional SCRUM Master (PSM) Certification

Are you planning to become a Certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM)? We are offering a 2-Day Exam Preparation or a One-Day-Exam Preparation Crash-Course, based on PSM certification from SCRUM developers, Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. This certification from is accepted worldwide, and once passed, it will be valid for life-time.


The exam preparation is based on the latest tests. You will be individually prepared for the test.


A one-time fee of US $ 150 is included in the fee for the exam preparation. You will receive your individual access during the course of the examination preparation.


The test under SCRUM.ORG is offered in English only. The exam preparation is therefore also held in English in order to prepare you for the exam as best as possible. A simple basic understanding of the English language is required, technical terms are taught in the course.

For more information, or for an individual quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


I am Falk Kagelmacher – the initiator of For more than 20 years, I have gained experience in project management with assignments in Germany and abroad. Long-term assignments as project manager brought me, among other places, to China, where I worked for 7 years as an advisor at the Chinese Construction Ministry. At yhe Ministry, I actively participated in the Chinese urban development from 2003 to 2010, In 2011, I moved to Ukraine, where I managed a project for the city government of L’viv, to prepare their public transport system for the 2012 European Soccer Championship.


In 2012 I went back to China, this time for the Swiss Development Agency, to support Chinese municipalities in creating green building Action plans. From 2012 to 2013, I was Professor for Urban Design in Chongqing, the largest city on the planet. Since 2014, I give Workshops in Rwanda, Africa.


Since 2010, I teach Project Management at the Polytechnic University of Constance, Germany. Since 2013, I am a professional freelancer in agile-PM.


I am a certified Professional Scrum Master.


Currently, I cooperate with clients in Germany, Africa and China.


Falk Kagelmacher

+49 179 705 3331

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